design your own wedding dress

When you want to look and feel great, you have to forget the hot trends and dress in a way that flatters and complements your body type.

Instead of trying to fit your body into something that looks good on other people, choose a style and a wardrobe that was designed with your legs, hips, breasts and size in mind.

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself frustrated and discouraged and probably using foul language in various dressing rooms. Figure out which shape sounds like you, and take some tips on how to dress your beautiful body.

Hourglass Shape Wedding Dresses

If this is you, your body is probably curvy and voluptuous, with a generous bosom and full hips. What you want to focus on are your natural curves. It can seem like a lot of clothes are not made for you; and what fits your waist might be too small elsewhere.

Fabrics are important. Look for soft knits and silk blends that will move with your body, and not cut you off in angles on top, on bottom and in between. You don’t want anything shapeless or boxy; otherwise you will just look heavy.

Try some high-waisted pants with a soft sweater that hugs your top half. Or, pair an A-line skirt with simple knit top and belt that cinches your waist. Whatever you do, avoid baby doll dresses and long cardigan sweaters.

Circle Shape Wedding Dresses

If you would describe yourself as round, or you tend to gain most of your weight in the middle or the stomach area, you would be classified as a circle shape for shopping and dressing purposes. Almost all women find themselves to be circles at some point in their lives, and when you dress you want to feel comfortable and confident.

Highlight your slim arms and legs with sleeveless tops and fitted pants. Look for tops that fit loosely around the middle, so you aren’t feeling like the fabric is clinging to any rolls or bulges.

Avoid belts and tops that fit too tight. Instead, grab a pair of great leggings and pair them with a tunic and lots of fun jewelry to draw attention to your gorgeous face.

Triangle Shape Wedding Dresses

If you are bottom heavy, you probably hate the skinny jeans style, and for good reason. You are dressing a triangle shape, so forget the skinny jeans and the leggings and the pencil skirts. Instead, choose pieces that allow a little breathing room for your bottom half and accentuate the top half of your body, which is likely more petite.

Choose wide leg pants or an A-line skirt that hits the knee. With boots and a fitted knit top, you will look well put together and classic. Forget the oversized sweaters or bulky tunics.

Rectangle Shape Wedding Dresses

If you relate to a rectangle shape, you are straight and slim. This is great when you are a runway model, but in real life you want to create some curves.

Create a firm definition at your waist, with cropped jackets, belts or tops that tuck into your bottoms. Don’t wear anything too tight; instead pick a skirt that hugs flows out from your waist or a top that blouses to create a little more body drama.


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