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A good wedding photographer captures timeless, beautiful images that you will have for life. Before signing a contract for your engagement and wedding albums, consider the following:

Determine the wedding photographer's aesthetic style

Search the wedding photographer's website to determine their photo style. Then, if you discover a photographer whose aesthetic syncs with yours, have a face to face meeting. Finally, view a wedding album that the photographer shot from start to finish to gauge his or her style.

Verify important wedding photography experience

Has the photographer shot a wedding like yours? If the photographer's portfolio features only sunny outdoor celebrations, he or she might not be a great fit for your Christmas-themed indoor wedding reception in December.

If you want a test run before the wedding with your favorite photographer, hire him or her for an engagement shoot. A pre wedding shoot is an opportunity to work out any kinks as well as test the photographer's shooting style and disposition.

Ask about the photographer's wedding photo packages and day rates

Some wedding packages cover everything from  wedding albums and prints t0 a video; other are à la carte. Ask how many hours the photographer will spend with you shooting the wedding and the reception — nine hours is ideal.

If you have a large wedding party, ask if there will be a second shooter to give more detailed shots of your family and wedding party.

Determine your ideal wedding photo timeline

Wedding album planning requires a detailed timeline to execute properly. You will want to know when you can expect to receive everything from prints (average wait: three months) to your wedding album( up to a year.)

Since some wedding photographers limit the number of years that they keep wedding photos, check to see if your bridal photographer offers a CD of all the images in your wedding photo package.

The surefire way to get all the photos that you want is to choose the right photographer for your wedding — and have a detailed and comprehensive wedding photo plan.


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