With September being the most popular month of the year for weddings, bargain bridezillas need unique and cheap fall wedding ideas to plan a gorgeous celebration.

In fact, if you are considering a fall wedding, this feel-good and festive season is the perfect time of the year for an outdoor celebration in a rustic vineyard, park or apple orchard.Here’s how to include some of the free natural goodies like:  warm fireplaces, old barns, frosted pine cones and fall foliage into your autumn wedding decor.

But first, here are a few fall wedding facts:

  • 14% of weddings take place in September,which is the most popular month for weddings.
  • 12% of weddings take place in October, which is the third most popular month.
  • 6% of weddings take place in November, which ranks ninth in popularity.

With so many brides planning fall weddings, use this guide for ideas to infuse this family favorite season for your special wedding day.

Cheap Fall Wedding Ideas – Fall Wedding Location Tips

With rustic leaves falling, beautiful foliage in oranges, browns and yellows, and cool or mild weather, many brides-to be may choose and outdoor wedding for fall.

To incorporate a few of the natural elements of the season, consider historic inns, churches, barns,  castles and vineyards. Look for facilities with indoor and outdoor areas for the wedding. Instead of paying for two locations, have the ceremony outdoors on a grassy knoll under an oak tree.

fall wedding ideas

While you bring the wedding party indoors for a small reception in a room with a massive fireplace.

If you are having a September or October wedding, consider having the entire wedding outdoors. You can cut flower costs by using the outdoor site as your ceremony site and reception area.

Cheap Fall Wedding Ideas – Autumn Wedding Decor and Fall Flowers

  • Include inexpensive pine cones, candles, maple leaves,  and home-made crafts as decorations.
  • Your fall wedding color palate should include:   oranges, reds, browns, golds and yellows.
  • Unexpected fall colors include champagne, blue, maroon or chocolate browns.

cheap fall wedding ideasThe most obvious flower choices are mini sunflowers,, Leonidas roses,  dahlias, mini-calla lilies in gold, red and rust.

Sprinkle your wedding floral bouquets and fall flower arrangements with  spider mums,  gladiolas and chrysanthemums.

If possible include  leaves with the colors of the autumn season ;  oranges, yellows, reds and browns.

Scatter the leaves along the bridal runner, on the receptions tables and if possible, include them in the reception centerpieces.

Cheap Fall Wedding Ideas – Additional Inexpensive Fall Decor Ideas

Don’t neglect the spectacular fall fruits and vegetables. These items make spectacular table presentations and decor elements for the receptions.

  • Use apples for floating candle holders.
  • Place limes and lemons in the bottom of the flower vases.
  • Use stalks of corn and the husks for decorating barn doors and place card holders.
  • Decorate tables and stair steps with mini pumpkins and gourds.
  • Treat your guests to  the scents of the season. Place  cinnamon and vanilla scented candles in the reception area and wedding venue.
  • Create a wishing tree.  Place a small tree with firm branches (without leaves attached) at the door of the reception facility. Have guests write wishes of hope, love and prosperity on  paper leaves made of paper. Tie the leaves  using orange, yellow or red ribbons to the tree as an extra wedding gift.

Cheap Fall Wedding Ideas – Tips for Fall-themed Wedding Favors

There are multiple wedding favors ideas and festive decorations to enhance your fall wedding theme.  Choose favors that sample the bountiful harvest of the fall  season.

  • For edible favor examples:  include freshly bottled apple cider with a simple note of thanks,  dark chocolate bars with personalized wrapper or golden-pine cones decorated as ornaments.
  • Non-edible fall wedding favors, such as  leaf-shaped soaps, wooden picture frames or apple, spice or cinnamon candles are elegant and inexpensive wedding favors.
  • Serve  sweet and nostalgic favors, like small honey jars with a petite wooden dipper, or caramel apples on a stick.
  • cheap fall wedding ideasPersonalize the favors using in fall colors. Include plus  the couples, name and wedding date for that extra special touch.

You might choose to host your wedding in that park in your city featuring an old oak tree, that pristine corner of your parent’s backyard, a delightful East coast barn or a Midwestern horse farm.

But wherever the place, you’ll want to include the season’s unique colors, sights and scents in your fall wedding.

Use a combination of these fall wedding ideas to  create the wow factor for each of your guests as they enter your wedding and reception.

For additional cheap fall wedding ideas, view the video below:


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