budget wedding tips

Yes, a wedding is still an expensive event. But, you can use these budget wedding planning tips to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

1. Wedding Postage

Problem: Bulky and oversized invitations will wreak havoc on your postage bills. Wedding stationers neglect to you that multi-layer cards cost more to mail than simple ones.  Print your own wedding invitations using your home color printer to cut costs.

2.  Wedding Alterations

Problem: The price of wedding dresses can be costly when the store has to adjust a zipper, rebuild a bodice or create a bustle. Ask about any alteration costs before you buy the gown.

3. Wedding Embroidery

Problem: You want to give personalized wedding napkins as bridal party gifts, but you are short on cash. Save money on your wedding embroidery by using an online vendor instead of a using a department store wedding embroidery service. By ordering 12 items or more, you can get a bulk discount on your wedding favors and embroidery by shopping on the web.

 4. Wedding Favors

Problem: You need to thank your guests, but cannot afford expensive silver wedding photo frames or edible wedding gifts. Cheap wedding favors can say thank you to your guests (without spending a fortune). Save money on your Wedding favor bags, by using brown paper bags tied with colored twine for your fall wedding.

5. Wedding Photos and Video

Problem: When your wedding and reception goes over the alloted time, the photographer and videographer can charge you by the hour. Factor in the time for getting dressed and taking photos. Add an hour or two to your booking time to plan for unexpected delays on your wedding day.

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  1. Nelson Simpson Reply

    This length-to-height ratio is what causes problems with most wedding invitations. Fortunately, the Post Office has a handy calculator on their website . $0.13 may not sound like much, but it adds up.

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