round the clock wedding shower

Planning a round-the-clock wedding shower is a great way to help the bride and groom decorate their new house inexpensively. To get the best gifts for the happy couple, make sure to insert a list from the bridal registry to make sure that your round the clock wedding shower is a success.

Here are a few bridal shower gift ideas, to help make the new couples' wedding more delightful and special.

Bed and Bath

Want to create a spa environment in the bathroom? For bedtime or early morning hours, select a beautiful robe for the bride. A plush bathrobe will pamper a bride’s body after a shower or a hot bath. Also add a pair of velour or terry cloth slippers to match the robe.

Brunch or Breakfast

Give a gift for that does not need the bride to bake. Give a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant that serves breakfast or brunch. Or for the gourmet bride,buy towels, oven mitts, kitchen utensils and a new frilly apron personalized with the bride’s new name.

Dinner Time or Cocktail Hour

Purchase gifts with a cocktail theme to help the couple stock the bar. You can buy wine glasses and champagne, an ice bucket and scoop, a strainer and various flavored libations and liquors.

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