Wedding Dress Tips: How to Dress Your Body (Per Body Type)

design your own wedding dress

When you want to look and feel great, you have to forget the hot trends and dress in a way that flatters and complements your body type.

Instead of trying to fit your body into something that looks good on other people, choose a style and a wardrobe that was designed with your legs, hips, breasts and size in mind.

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself frustrated and discouraged and probably using foul language in various dressing rooms. Figure out which shape sounds like you, and take some tips on how to dress your beautiful body.

Bath & Bed Bridal Shower Gift Ideas for a Round the Clock Wedding Shower

round the clock wedding shower

Planning a round-the-clock wedding shower is a great way to help the bride and groom decorate their new house inexpensively. To get the best gifts for the happy couple, make sure to insert a list from the bridal registry to make sure that your round the clock wedding shower is a success.

Here are a few bridal shower gift ideas, to help make the new couples' wedding more delightful and special.

Bridal Shower Favors: 4 Inexpensive Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

bridal favor ideas

A well-chosen bridal shower favor is a gracious way of expressing your appreciation for your guests.

These small tokens of appreciation may range from an expensive engraved silver frame or compact mirror to an inexpensive and practical box of printed notecards. If you are on a budget however, you don't have to sacrifice unique favor ideas because you are short on funds.

Use the following wedding favor ideas to give your bridal shower guests a personalized and perfect favor that is specialized, reasonably priced and from your heart.

Wear a 1920s Inspired Bridal Hairstyle for Your Wedding

You are getting ready for your wedding and you don't want to wear the same-old, same-old boring bun for your walk down the aisle or your wedding reception.

Never fear. You can twist and twirl your medium-length or long hair into a 1920's inspired bridal hairstyle for your special day.  Use the following tips to break out of your basic bridal rut and wear a sleek and chic do à la Katy Perry and ghd.

Here's how:

Figure-Flattering Bridal Gowns: Wedding Dresses that Accentuate Your Best Assets

Think finding a white wedding gown that will make your look gorgeous and glam is tough? Think again.

The key to looking stunning on your wedding day is to buy a gown that conceals that bad and reveals the good. Whether your wedding is on the beach or in a house of worship, you'll need a figure-flattering bridal gowns that'll camouflage your trouble spots, without sacrificing your style.

Here's how: